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Places to see Mussoorie

Kempty Falls, Mussoorie

Kempty Falls, situated at an altitude of 4,500 ft, is one of the popular tourist places of Mussoorie. It is a beautiful waterfall, which falls from a height of about 40 ft from a mountain. This fall is located on way between Dehradun-Mussoorie path.

Gun Hill, Mussoorie

Gun Hill is one of the popular tourist attractions of Mussoorie, possessing historical significance dating back to pre-independence. It is believed that a canon was fired from the place at a fixed time on every afternoon. This firing at the hill provided an idea of time to the local residents of the destination and they adjusted their watches accordingly.

Lal Tibba, Mussoorie

Lal Tibba, the highest point in Mussoorie is situated in Landour area, which is the oldest populated place in the destination. The site was also referred to as a Depot Hill, due to the presence of depot in the region.

The hill houses a camp of The Indian Military services and Broadcasting stations or towers of All India Radio and Doordarshan. The beautiful views of sunrise and sunset from this vantage point can also be seen by travellers visiting Lal Tibba.

Camel?s Back Road, Mussoorie

Camel's Back Road is a stretch of 3 km long natural display of rocks. The name of this road is derived from its rocks placement and its shape like camel's hump. Serving as a connecting link between two prominent locations of the destination, the road begins from Library point and leads towards Kulri Bazaar. Apart from this, tourists can also have a glimpse of this road from the Mussoorie Public School.

Offering a beautiful view of sunset, sunrise and snow capped mountains, the road is ideally used by locals for carrying out morning and evening walks. Surrounded by rocky mountains and lush green surroundings, the road is known for its natural beauty.

Indian Military Academy, Mussoorie

xIndian Military Academy is situated on Dehradun-Chakrata Road. The academy was started on 1st October 1932 under the guidance of Brigadier L.P. Collins, the first commandant of this academy.

For establishing this academy, the government acquired the former Railway College of Dehradun. The academy was popularly known as Chetwode Building and was named after Field Marshal Sir Philip Chetwode. He was the Commander-in-Chief of India at the time of inception, who inaugurated this academy.

The academy houses a Museum, Shooting Demonstration Room, War Memorial and 18 Holes FRIMS Golf Course.